Bento Box #1: How About Them Apples

img_6231Apples! So sweet! So juicy! So damn full of carbs! Dimples loves them and still mourns the days of yesteryear when I could just hand her an entire apple. But you know the saying… “an apple a day causes increased seizures.” Or something. So you’ll notice the forbidden fruit is sliced quite thin and is displayed next to a less desirable fruit in hopes that it will increase the bulk.

Dimples was pleased with the offering. While the apples were a special treat, the big winner here was the string cheese. “Mom, its in the wrapper!!” Like she’d just won the frickin’ lotto. I fooled around with this recipe and calculated the exact amount of cheese that was in the serving size.


FAT – Liquigen, Heavy Whipping Cream (Trader Joe’s), Kerry Gold Butter.

PROTEIN – String Cheese

CARBOHYDRATES – Apples, blackberries, tomatoes. Fruit is always displayed in a small cup so it looks like a bigger portion.

SUPPLEMENTS – Multi vitamin, fish oil, flax oil, carnitor


Stackable Bento Boxes

Silicone Cups

Medela Containers to hold cream, liquigen, and supplements

Randomly adorable toothpicks


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