Keto Hack: Otter Pops

I’ve got nothing but love for the PTA at my daughter’s school… but sometimes they have these popsicle sales that make me break out in hives. So many carbs! Spikes in blood sugar! All the kids get one but mine! Well… no longer. Enter Zipzicle. Long skinny ziploc bag that you can create your own otter pops out of. For these ones I used Powerade Zero, because that’s what I had on hand. NOTE: since publishing we have cut out Powerade due to intolerance to artificial dyes. An alternative version can be made with Stur water enhancer, which is very tasty, albeit less vibrantly colored. Or if your kid can handle carbs, you can cut water with juice for an all-natural, no sugar treat. Links below to the products you’ll need.

Zipzicle – Ice pop pouch

Powerade Zero – Zero calorie sports drink suitable for the ketogenic diet

Stur Water Enhancer – Stevia and natural flavoring water enhancer that can be used as a natural sugar free alternative.

Silicone Funnel – Must have in the kitchen

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