What is this blog all about? A keto mom on a mission with two goals:

Goal #1: Keep my 7-year-old daughter on the ketogenic diet.

Reason: Control her epilepsy.

Goal #2: Keep said 7-year-old daughter smiling.

Reason: See, she’s got these dimples. Oh my god. The dimples. And she’s missing her two front teeth. It’s a smile songs are written about. I realize it’s gauche to talk about how cute your kid is. But she is the cutest. Like really cute. Like tourists take pictures of her cute. And then I break their camera. And then the cops get called. Like that cute. I read somewhere that you’re not supposed to call your kids cute. That somewhere needs to stop writing things.

So Dimples is not just cute. She’s also a warrior. Nay, a WARRIOR PRINCESS. She has been on the ketogenic diet for a year now for her absence epilepsy. Seizures have decreased by…. 75%!!! We are still seeking the very elusive goal of seizure freedom. But I hope (and cook, and weigh) that we will get there. And am grateful already at how far we’ve come.

I’m hoping that by posting what I do and what I’ve learned, I can show other warriors, or parents of warriors that keto is doable and fun. Okay, maybe “fun” isn’t the right word. Is there a word for starting something new and terrifying, where your child’s health depends on everything you weigh and feed them, and you’re crying in costco after the first week, and every time you sort of get the hang of it something else changes, and you not only have to keep your kid healthy (and away from carbs, and stairs, and bikes, and pools, and swings), but sort of happy too, and you need to explain to them that they are sick but not really sick, and so they can’t have things that other kids can have, and you have to say no to 999 out of 1,000 things, and no one understands, and you feel alone, and you want to eat a bagel (but you too have given up carbs), and then slowly you realize: this is haaaAAAPPENING!! I CAN DO THIS!!  And then you start a blog and you definitely don’t have time to edit out your ramblings. Enter whatever word that is here.

There you have it. Thanks for making it this far. This is a wild ride and I hope I can help you keep smiling too.


Mom of the Warrior